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Roger Maynard is a former BBC reporter and correspondent for The Times, The Independent and CNBC. A past president of the Foreign Correspondents’ Association of Australia, he has worked as a journalist for nearly five decades. He is the author of six books covering military history, true crime and the world of business.

Hero Or Deserter

Major General Gordon Bennett’s life is an extraordinary story from his early military career in Gallipoli during the First World War when he was wounded in the shoulder, through to the allegations that so tarnished his reputation in the Second World War.

As Commander of Australia’s 8th Division, he led 15,000 men into battle in Malaya, defending the country from the advancing Japanese with courage and valour.

Bennett thrived on the smell of war and seemingly had no fear. Variously described as pugnacious, arrogant, pompous, cocky and head-strong, he had a massive ego and never countenanced self-doubt.

Watch an interview with Eighth Division veteran, Bart Richardson, who features in Hero Or Deserter talking to Roger Maynard about the day Singapore fell.

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The Truth About One Of The Most Brutal POW Camps in World War Two and the triumph of the aussie spirit.

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I covered the backpacker murders for the first half of the l990s as a reporter and remember sitting close to Ivan Milat for several weeks during his trial in l996. I was always struck by how normal he looked. The hint of a smile on his face gave the impression of a friendly man who could just have easily been a favourite family uncle. How wrong you can be.
Ivan Milat was Australia’s most infamous of serial killers who is now serving a life term in Goulburn top security prison. He will die behind bars. But the question has always been – did he act alone? How could he overpower two people at a time? Remember at least seven young tourists died by his hand, most of them travelling as couples. In this book I went back to the people who were close to the case. Their views make fascinating reading

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Hell's Heroes

Hell’s Heroes is the story of the camp that never was, so dubbed by one old soldier because the atrocities that happened there went largely unreported at the time.

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Fatal Flaw

I can never resist an old fashioned murder mystery and Fatal Flaw had all the hallmarks of an Agatha Christie thriller. It investigates the brutal slaying of Sydney woman Janelle Patton on Norfolk Island in 2002, the first murder there in 150 years. Her death exposed a dark undercurrent in a community that prided itself on friendliness and upstanding moral values. The police carried out an exercise unique in criminal history – the mass finger printing of more than 1200 people who were on the island at the time. But it took another four years to arrest the killer. I spent many months on Norfolk while writing this book about a case which produced so many suspects that almost the entire population felt incriminated. I’m pretty sure the police got the right man in the end but I still have a slither of doubt.

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Where's Peter

Where’s Peter? is one of the most intriguing cases I have covered. British tourist Peter Falconio was murdered in the Australian outback near Barrow Creek in July 2001. Or was he? There was no body and no motive and even his girlfriend and travelling companion Joanne Lees never saw him shot. There were so many unanswered questions in this case that I remain firmly of the view that a final chapter has still to be written. Hardly a day goes by that someone doesn’t ask me about the Falconio case, which led to the conviction and imprisonment of Bradley Murdoch. Read this book and make up your own mind about his guilt or innocence and what really happened on that remote Northern Territory highway.

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